Blog Post: 5

Here we are again with another blog update!

These past two weeks have been busy for me and I’ve completed three commissions and am currently working on a fourth. I finally managed to find a client online who is willing to work with me on a commission, so I’m very excited to being and finish theirs over the winter break. While the winter break might seem like a time where nothing gets done, I do nothing but draw all day so it’s honestly the perfect working conditions for me and my artist brain.

At the end of my project, I’ll have all five (I accepted another commission from a family member and thought to include it) commissions set up for my final presentation. I expect to have all five finished in time and to have them set up on a laptop to present. Hopefully, this project and my experience with it will end in success and set me on the road to continue doing commissions and getting paid for them further in my artistic journey.

Part of setting up for my final presentation was to create what we call a ‘Legacy Artefact’. The legacy artefact will give curious minds and future propel students a quick view of what my project was like and my goals that had to be achieved at the end of the project. The link to my legacy artefact can be found here for those who are interested.

In the next few days, it will be a nonstop barrage of artwork and working to get my project completed and ready for the presentation night. I’ll be drawing late into the night and early morning, so hopefully I’ll have enough tea to get me through all the work and the family dinners.

Thank for reading about the progress of my project but unfortunately this will be my final update. I enjoyed my time here at Propel very much and I hope my fellow classmates all had a good and enjoyable semester like I did. I’m going to miss the morning jokes and sassy classmates, but I’m glad to have met everyone here.

Thank you all once again and, if you want, feel free to drop by and watch me talk about my project on presentation night (details can be found here). I hope to see you all there and hope you enjoy not just mine, but my other classmates projects as well. See you all there! (hopefully)



Blog Post: 4

Once again, here’s another update on my project at propel.

These past few weeks, I’ve had to fill out and use a Gantt chart as another step in the planning of my project. A Gantt chart is a type of chart that is used for project planning, they help to show you everything that’s been scheduled for your project and how to manage your time.

Gantt charts are very useful, they help to keep you on track and show you what is completed and what needs to still be completed in your project.

With my project I’m using a project timeline (a Gantt Chart) to plan out everything that needs to get done. My timeline includes the goals I’ve set to reach in my project over the course of the semester.

My timeline is set up so that I have the main objective, which is planned out by a day that I must start that task and the duration of which I have time to work on it.

Alongside the beginning and end dates are the short milestones I have to reach to finish one of the (tasks), which are called my Action Steps. I have to complete all my action steps so that I can finish a column on my Gantt chart. From then on out, I repeat the process until the completion of my project.

With my project, I’d say I’m on track. I’ll have two out of four of my client’s commissions completed by the end of the week, which gives me plenty of time to work on the final commissions and the fanart which I have planned out. (Fanart is art drawn by a fan of a game/show/movie/etc.) Thanks to my project timeline, I know what will be next in my project and how to prepare myself for the last few weeks to come.

In the next few weeks ahead of me, I’ll have lots of work to do. I leave for a week long vacation in Mexico on Sunday, and will be missing a whole week’s worth of work on my project. While I’m excited for my week long break, I’m not too happy that I’ll be missing out on important project days. However during this time, I’ll be sure to talk to people online to find one of my last two clients. I do have someone in mind, so it’s only a matter of discussing further plans with them.

The week after next week will be a busy one, but if I just work my way through it, I’m certain everything will turn out alright in the end.

That’s all I have for now, so hopefully by the next update I’ll have some exciting updates for us all.

Blog Post: 3

It’s me again, here to deliver another update on my progress at Propel!

These past few weeks have been a reliever, and a step forwards in the right direction. I had to revise my project a little bit and remove the part about me getting paid, which isn’t a huge deal and I can happily live without.

My teacher and I had a discussion, and agreed that I should create a digital portfolio of my artwork to show to potential clients to properly demonstrate my skills as an artist, which will be posted online in the evening tomorrow.

Aside from that, my goals in my project haven’t changed much, I’m still working towards my goal and now have milestones in place for my project!

The main parts in my project that are necessary are: Having a space to post my artwork, advertising my work, finding clients and so forth. These milestones will really help to bring a little more structure to my project, and will always be so rewarding when I finally reach a milestone.

To reach these milestones, I’ll have to work hard and focus on my next steps. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ll be posting about my commissions project later tomorrow and officially start the hunt for an online client. I’ll also have to work on posting more artwork to bring in an audience and work towards the two new commissions I’ve received.

My initial client in the last post I made is still willing to work with me, so that commission is on the table to work on once more. Along with that, I received a commission to create a poster for my stepfather’s sister. She works at IRCOM (the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba) and needs a poster for their child care program, which is halfway done by now.

Hopefully these commissions will be done by the next post so I can show you all what I’ve been working on! Until then, thank you for reading and I hope you look forward to my next update.

Blog Post: 2

As I mentioned in the last blog post, I’ve been working on a POC (Proof of Concept) project and I’ve now completed and presented my project to the class.

My project itself was simple enough, I was to work together with a client on a “commissioned” piece of artwork and send them the final result after we’ve gone over what was completed. Simple enough because I enjoy drawing, right? WRONG. My project just barely got finished in time due to quite a few complications with the initial client and I had to find a new client to work with as fast as I possibly could. Lucky for me, my artist friends love free art and they never sleep so finding a backup was quite possibly the easiest thing ever.

Despite having to work 5x as hard just to finish, it was worth it in the end and I finished the piece for my friend just in time. But what did this teach me, exactly? Well, I learned a few things such as that I will have to send reminders to clients to ensure I get answers, my clients won’t always be available like my friends are and I have to keep that in mind, more time management and simply knowing just when to give up and move on to plan B.

Going forward, I need to keep this communication issue in mind because it will likely happen again. Time is a cruel mistress and I would rather get my stuff done on time instead of having this last minute scramble to get my work finished. Lucky for me, thanks to my Big Picture Goals I now have a rough idea of what my finished project should look like. I’m envisioning almost an art gallery of sorts. I want to display the finished works for people to see and possibly gain the attention of potential future clients, and perhaps the initial sketches so people can see where I began and how far each piece has come.

I hope to make people happy when they see my art, and I view making people happy with it an accomplishment in itself. Even if it’s just my fan art instead of my original works, I want people to look at my art and feel something at least. But I’m not just aiming to make others happy with it, I want to look back on my art later and be happy with the end results. So, my hopes are high that this turns out like I envision it to and that I’ve hopefully learned to manage my projects a little better going forward from here on out.

(Below is the finished commission for my friend Anna).


Blog Post: 1

As of right now I’ve only been at Propel for about three weeks, but luckily, I’ve gotten the gist of how things work around here.

My first two weeks here were okay, I don’t have much I can say on the matter in all honesty.  It was pretty standard all in all, we had the first two weeks to mostly get the hang of how things will work in the future of Propel. During this time, everyone was given two assignments to complete and present to the teachers. A baseline writing assignment to test our writing sills, and a presentation that we must show to the class and teachers for constructive criticism.

The writing assignment was a piece of cake, I’m used to having to write to my fullest for every English class I’ve ever taken so I didn’t stress too much over it. The presentation however? Lets just say I’m about 80% anxiety so, in my opinion, it was a mess and also I hated every second of it. I know that presentations make up a lot of what Propel is and that I can’t avoid that, so I’m just going to have to hold back that fear and hope it goes ‘okay’.

But who cares about that now? I have a POC (Proof of Concept) to worry about and have to start soon, for everything absolutely has to be perfect. My project is going to be centered around getting commissions from clients and working with them for the results that they want. And so, for my POC, I’m going to be working with someone on a piece and be getting their help and feedback consistently. The whole reason for a proof of concept is to show that I’m capable of doing my project, or a certain aspect of my project at the least. I’m not certain on how things will turn out in the grand scheme of things, but the only thing I can do for now is keep moving forward and hope for the best.